Desert Island Discs: The Labour Party Specials

Over the years, numerous Labour politicians have appeared on Desert Island Discs, and thanks to the BBC’s exhaustive archive these episodes, and many more, are available to download.

Usually a political right of passage – which Jeremy Corbyn missed out on – many of the interviews – such as Kinnock’s, Blair’s and Miliband’s – were conducted with the party in opposition and offer a great insight into their strategic mindset. Others – such as Shawcross, Foot, Castle and Healey – are reflective on their lengthy careers in politics.

Plenty to dive into if you need to self-isolate over the next few months…

BBC Desert Island Discs 

Mary Wilson (1968)

T Dan Smith (1968)

Denis Healey (First – 1978)

Roy Hattersley (1986)

James Callaghan (1987)

Bernard Donoughue

Neil Kinnock (1988)

Michael Foot (1988)

Roy Jenkins (1989)

Tony Benn (1989)

Barbara Castle (1990)

David Blunkett (1990)

Dennis Skinner (1990)

Hartley Shawcross (1991) 

John Smith (1991)

Clare Short (1992)

Ken Livingstone (1993)

Betty Boothroyd (1994)

Tony Blair (1996) 

Gordon Brown (1996)

Glenda Jackson (1998)

Jack Straw (1998)

Mo Mowlam (1999)

Robin Cook (2002)

Shirley Williams (2006)

Alan Johnson (2007)

Diane Abbott (2008)

Denis Healey (Second – 2009)

John Prescott (2012)

Ed Miliband (2013)

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