The Likely Lad: A Harold Wilson Box Set

Labour Documentaries: The Harold Wilson Era (1964-1976)

This list of documentaries follows on from previous posts on the Wilderness Years, an essential book list and the Labour Island Discs archive.

Below are some documentaries on Harold Wilson – Labour’s great election winner.


The Heath/Wilson Duel (BBC:2011)

Superb documentary charting the story of two prime ministers who dominated a decade when Britain changed forever – the 1970s. Featuring interviews with the key players from the era.

Harold Wilson: A Life (1995)

Broadcast as an obituary/tribute, this features interviews with the key players from the Wilson era (Callaghan, Jenkins, Healey, Shore, Benn, Castle, Williams etc) presented by Anthony Howard. Lots of rare speeches and footage which show Wilson’s comic timing and skill as a political orator.

Secret History: Harold Wilson – the Final Days (1996)


A look at the 1976 resignation of Harold Wilson, including the extent of alleged plots by security services

Harold Wilson Night (2013)

On Saturday 16 February 2013, BBC Parliament devoted its Saturday evening to a series of programmes about Harold Wilson – on the 50th anniversary of Wilson’s election as Leader of the Labour Party

Part One:

Part Three:

Part Four: Wilson’s short-lived TV show Friday Night Saturday Morning


The Plot against Harold Wilson (2006)


A dramatized/documentary which details the events leading up to, and surrounding the resignation of Harold Wilson as Prime Minister in 1976.

Featuring James Bolam – of the Likely Lads – as Wilson



Some broad-ranging interviews featuring Mr Wilson

Pound in your pocket speech

Post 1970 defeat

Thames TV (May 1975)

Harold Wilson speaks to Llew Gardner about the Common Market Referendum and its impact on the economy

Landon Lecture (1981)

Reflections on Wilson’s Leadership

Steve Richards talks to Tony Benn, David Owen and Roy Hattersley – three 3 senior members of the Wilson years who discuss the government for the first time since the historic split (2007)


Lady Falkender on Wilson (1984)

Walden on Wilson (1997)

Steve Richards on Harold Wilson (2017)

wilson richards

Alan Johnson’s Harold Wilson Lecture

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