Fifty years On: The Battle to Elect Britain’s First Black MP

Dr David Pitt’s experience is now largely forgotten. It shouldn’t be.

Tag: Dr David Pitt | The Critic Magazine

Fifty years ago this week, Britain went to the polls amidst simmering tensions over race, immigration and our place in the world. Fought in the aftermath of a tumultuous Parliament – where Labour had grappled with divisive legislation such as the Commonwealth Immigrants Act and the Race Relations Act – the National Front was thought to be on the rise, promising to make Britain great again by stopping immigration and starting repatriation.

As a mini culture war developed, “Marxist” students were condemned for sabotaging Conservative meetings across the country, while dockworkers marched in support of the country’s most well-known politician – Mr Enoch Powell. Powell warned Britons of a potential Civil War of “American dimension”, of “division, violence and bloodshed” if immigration was not halted.

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