The History Boy: The Challenge Facing Keir Starmer

Three opposition leaders have made it into government in the last 40 years. Keir Starmer faces an uphill battle to become the fourth

Ex-Jeremy Corbyn aide warns Keir Starmer not to turn Labour into ...

Being a leader of the opposition — it is often said – is the toughest job in British politics. While Prime Ministers decide, opposition leaders can’t even advise. The task facing Keir Starmer is the most unenviable for any Labour leader since 1935 as various commentators have argued in The Critic this month. In the past 40 years, only three individuals have found the winning strategy to turn opposition into a government. These were Margaret Thatcher (1979), Tony Blair (1997) and David Cameron (2010). Looking back at their first days as leaders of their parties, one can draw the same conclusion from each of them; their language rapidly captured a mood for change — both in the country and in the direction of the party.

Visit the Critic to read the rest of the article

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