Building an Online Labour Archive

Building an Online Labour Archive

It recently came to our attention that a collection of rare Labour Party pamphlets and posters are for sale in the Bolerium bookstore in San Francisco.

The pamphlets range from the 1920’s through to the 80’s and include policy programmes, pamphlets on fundraising (thrift shops, garden barbecues, prize bingo!), handbooks of “Facts for Socialists” and many, many more. 

Tides of History and Labour Party Graphic Designers are teaming up to raise £500 in order to ship these over to Britain where we intend to use them as part of ongoing history projects and campaigns. 

We would then make the material available to the general public by creating an online archive, so that they can be accessed by party supporters as well as students of politics and history. 

Once archived online, we intend to donate the materials to a political archive – such as the People’s History Museum in Manchester or TUC library in Warwick – where they can be added to their collections. 

By opening this donation project up to our followers we hope to raise the £500 fee, 
in order to preserve these important documents in the history of the Labour Movement. If you could donate any money at all it can help us achieve this aim. 

Whilst the Conservative Party already have a large range of archival documents online – such as the vast Margaret Thatcher foundation – the Labour Party has yet to match it with an equivalent online project. 

We hope to begin that process and can do so with your support.

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