Feed a Family this Christmas: The Historic ‘Labour Movement’ Calendar

This year, Christmas and the New Year might feel a bit different than usual. But while it will be tough not seeing relatives, most of us can hopefully look forward to a festive break in secure homes where we can feel safe, warm, and well fed

For thousands, perhaps millions of people, decisions will have to be made about whether to eat or heat this Winter. Christmas will bring little comfort or escape from the daily grind of making ends meet. 

As we have seen throughout 2020, food banks have been at the forefront of the fight to keep people going. Now, the Trussell Trust’s forecasts it will need 61% extra parcels across its UK network in November and December. 

By the time you reach the end of this article, another six parcels are expected to have been handed out. While some people find foodbanks ‘rather uplifting’, we think It is unacceptable to see such hardship. Britain is increasingly reliant on the goodwill of the community (who are in a more precarious position than ever ) to ensure people don’t go hungry.

Due to the steep rise in usage, The Trussell Trust is appealing for more donations, but we also understand that many people are struggling to find extra cash to support them this year

That is where we hope to provide some support through the launch of our inaugural ‘Labour Movement’ Calendar, and we hope you can help too.

An original collaboration between LPGD and Tides of History –  we have complied a series of our favourite Labour posters alongside the most important dates in the history of the Labour Movement. These range from the birth of the Labour Party in 1900 to the historic election victories to the present day. With this calendar, you will never again forget the dates that the NHS was launched, when the Miners Strike began or the (several) dates that Dennis Skinner was kicked out of the Commons…

Pre-orders can be made via our special website below:


We’re expecting to ship your order early December, so we hope that it will be the perfect Christmas gift for you or the Labour person in your life. Our calendar also comes with 12 full-page poster prints; six original contributions selected from recent LPGD art packs and six retro posters which have been digitally recreated. 

These include the famous ‘Labour’s got Life and Soul’ from the 1960s and ‘There’s No Soul in Tory Town’ from 1970. The posters can be framed, as shown below, to brighten up your Zoom meetings in the New Year

Most importantly, by purchasing a calendar, you will be giving someone a lifeline this Christmas. All of the money raised (after production cost) will be used to help the people that have been hardest hit.

A purchase could be the difference between a Christmas marked with struggle and anxiety, and one where the basic requirement of a decent society – being fed – is met.

We shouldn’t have to do this in Britain in 2020, but without further financial support, the Trust will struggle to meet the ever-increasing demand.

So make a donation buy purchasing a Calendar. Indulge in some Labour History and support the hardest hit people this Christmas. 

Your support will change lives.

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