Must Labour Always Lose?

Scott Cresswell finds Denis MacShanes's book a thought-provoking mixture of history and memoir It should remain and always be a worrying thought for British progressives, social democrats, and democratic socialists that the Labour Party rarely wins general elections. Since June 1970, there have only been eighteen years of Labour government: 1974-79, 1997-2010. Countless numbers of... Continue Reading →

Pure Shores: Labour’s Forgotten Patriot?

Euroscepticism has a long tradition in the Labour Party. Leaders from the party's right, left and centre – be it Hugh Gaitskell, Michael Foot, Neil Kinnock or Jeremy Corbyn – have at various points campaigned against British membership of the EEC/EU. Historically, Labour worked to accommodate both sides of the European debate in its coalition... Continue Reading →

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