Nye Bevan Quits: The Dawn of Labour’s Divisive Decade

In 1951 Nye Bevan resigned from the Cabinet over NHS charges. He told Prime Minister  Attlee that Labour’s budget ‘fails to apportion fairly the burdens of expenditure as between different social classes’ A look back at the beginning of the Gaitskellite/Bevanite battle that would divide the party for the next decade. The 1950 general election result... Continue Reading →

Churchill vs The Miners: His ‘Darkest Hour’

Winston Churchill only rode on the underground once. It was in 1926 during the General Strike. As Gary Oldman's new film is dismissed as a fantasy, there remains a deep hatred for Churchill in the coalfields of Wales and Northern England. It was the aftermath of the great war that remained with every miner, docker and steelworker forever. Labour won in 1945... Continue Reading →

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